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    ANZ Center, Melbourne

    ANZ Center, Melbourne: Colorful, Creative Office

    Congratulations to Australian architectural office Hassell for taking out first place at the 2010 World Architectural Festival for best interiors and fit out award with their project, “ANZ Business Centre”. Located on the Yarra River, this is an impressive building.
    This banking headquarters is designed to accommodate 6,500 employees making it the largest single-tenanted commercial building in Australia. With such a large amount of people to cater for, the building has been designed to reinvent the traditional office layout. The designers have incorporated ‘hubs’, each developed for specific tasks, with each area given its own feel created by using colour and given a unique name.

    Who wouldn’t want to work here? The atrium looks more like a mini city than an office building, natural light filtering through the area with cafe style seating areas everywhere, as well as office spaces overlooking the walkway.

    The use of bright colours throughout the individually named ‘hubs’ creates unique environments in which to relax, socialise, hold meetings or just recharge for the day ahead.

    An example of the workspaces, certainly a creative way to section off different work stations.

    Each ‘hub’ is personalized with its own name including click, play and move.
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