Saudi Arabia Embassy, Sarajevo / Bosnia & Herzegovina by RAB Architects

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موضوع: Saudi Arabia Embassy, Sarajevo / Bosnia & Herzegovina by RAB Architects

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    Saudi Arabia Embassy, Sarajevo / Bosnia & Herzegovina by RAB Architects

    سلام به همه این مطالب به نظرم جالب بود که پست کردم امیدوارم شماهم خوشتون بیاد.
    An embassy is a reflection of its country and its silent messenger that complements as well as completes the Ambassador’s mission.
    Project Details:
    Location: Sarajevo – Bosnia & Herzegovina
    Type: Governmental - Public
    Architects: RAB Architects in association with Patrick Helou architect – [دسترسی به لینک ها فقط برای اعضای انجمن امکان پذیر می باشد . همین حالا ثبت نام کنید]
    Client: Ministry of foreign affairs
    Area: 10.000 m2
    Starting Date: May 2011
    Phase: 3rd price winning competition

    Bosnia-Herzegovina and the city of Sarajevo are names that till today are strong reminders of war and suffering not soon forgotten, as it fought to carve its identity. In the heart of Europe, Bosnia-Herzegovina overcoming these painful years, seeks for support, at friendly nations that understand it’s strive to build a better future.

    The building stands, as a suspended forest, supported by three strong bases inspired from the region’s mysterious pyramids in the Visoko valley and the Dinaric Mountains surrounding the city. The green areas between these pyramidal bases are in continuation with the river and its promenade where a big opening in the embassy allows the dialogue with the city across the river. A white Islamic mesh (Machrabiya), envelops the suspended forest, providing privacy for the functions behind when needed, filtering the light and transforming the project into a mysterious lit jewelry, to give the embassy a landmark dimension. This mesh symbolizes the Saudi Arabia role in healing injuries and regrouping all the Bosnian together for a better future.

    انسان همان می شود که اغلب به آن فکر می کند.(کوروش کبیر)

    عمر شما از زمانی شروع می شود که اختیار سرنوشت خویش را در دست می گیرید.(کوروش کبیر)

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    sirousb (15.03.2012)

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